When a part of your life ends and other begins.

Recently, in March to be specific me and my gf begin to travel. I mean real travel, by that time the only travel that we knew was going to Orlando Fl. and we were ok with that. Till that very moment in March. 28 days vacation trough some amazing parts of Europe. We went to Germany (so many wonders there!) We went to the Bavaria zone to see the alps and it was spectacular, really breathtaking! We were just in the beginning of the journey when I suddenly realize that thats how I really wanted to live my life. After that we made a quick stop in Austria to go to the Highline179 which is a very long bridge from one mountain to another, I really needed to stay still there for a moment to appreciate such beauty, so peaceful I’ve never felt something like that, tears streamed down my face without even noticing. After that we stayed at Garmisch-Partenkirchen, I’ve never stopped being amazed!

We went to Switzerland for a few days and I can assure you that even the breathing air felt different. There we took a fantastic scenic view train that took us across the alps. After there we flew to Rome, honestly not what we expected but still amazed by the structures and excited by just not being home. Lovely street artist and really cool bars. There we learned what was an ice cream delivery! And it was awesome for us.

We took a train to Venice and of course we took a gondola over there!

Our next stop was in Amsterdam where we went through the canals and get to really enjoy life!

And then our last train, from Amsterdam to París. The city of light. And it really was very enlightening. From that moment I feel that I belong to the world. And that I need to be part of something grater. I am so full of love, but so empty from living experiences. I want more from life, I want more from the world. And above all I want it to be with her.


Our Destiny

Coming from a country with lack of good government, falling economy and a recent catastrophe. Always hurting our backs with endless hours of hardworking that gave us nothing in return. We chose to take our destiny in our own hands. Without knowing where the road will take us, without knowing what that destiny will bring to us. Maybe we will be better but, maybe we are going to confront our worst fears.

I wish that everything goes well and that it works in our favor.

Regardless of anything that could happen we’re going to try to motivate enough people to live their own lives in a better way.



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